You like action and flying ships? Looking for a place to feel free and forget the homework for school? Relax with the interactive aerial games right here. You have five categories of aircraft games to choose your favorite game. I do not think you'll get bored so quickly, we are ready for your needs!

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Aircraft Games Online

Air Marshall
aircraft marshall
A simple game that can be accessed from any computer. Enables a normal PC graphics. Manage a plane fight for victory. Use keyboard...
Air Race
aircraft race
Expect the game to load! After the bottom right box is red you can click on it to play. Here you'll show that you have skills. Fly the plane, after the...
Your main role is to collect packages of bonuses to make your airplane better. Use your mouse to move right and left. Aim enemy planes to move to the...
fighter patrol
Miniclip game product is ready to get your attention. Patrol 42 is a game fighter planes during World War. Take out your enemies air, use the...
heli blitz
Helicopter game that you've wanted. Attack enemies and buildings. Do not let your helicopter to overheating. At the end of each mission you can...
helicopter strike force
Another nice game with helicopters. Collect yellow stars for points. The graphics are beautiful, is a pleasure to play. On completion of each...
jet pass
A new way to play. You must only use your microphone to control the plane. Blow into the microphone to pick up the plane and to fly.
sky fire
A game with planes that handles the mouse. Moved left and right to get away from enemies flying. Use your mouse to control your plane.
sky fire fighter
Control an airplane carrying water. Your mission is to glide over the water to load the plane. Are you against the clock, forests burn and you...
sky machine
An experimental aircraft is ready for launch. Select the driver who think that is good enough to try the prototype. Set up your angle and speed at...
sky warrior
You are in charge of a fighter. All you have to do is to get safely to the end level without being shot down by enemies. You collect bonuses...
spitfire 1940
A complex game of strategy. You must choose carefully player in this mission. Protect your radar stations in the South East and recruit spies...
storm rage
Fly through the clouds with a nice plane. Follow your partner and be very vigilant. It's hard to manage to go through all the circles in the sky.
xee bee reloaded
You must choose the plane. First you have only one option. You have to realize complex aerial acrobatics. To buy another plane is necessary to...
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